OCS Life Sciences Newsletter April 2021

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OCS supports research of COVID-19 treatment currently in development by Immunic Therapeutics  

Commencing their work in December 2020, statistical programmers and biostatisticians of OCS Life Sciences have supported our client Immunic in the analysis and reporting of clinical trial data for compound IMU-838.   IMU-838 is a small molecule investigational drug under development as an oral tablet formulation for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease and other chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Immunic is also investigating IMU-838 as a potential treatment option for COVID-19. Following the main analysis of phase 2 clinical trial data, on 17 February 2021, Immunic announced that IMU-838 has shown evidence of clinical activity in hospitalized patients with moderate COVID-19. Immunic, FGK Clinical Research GmbH and OCS Life Sciences have now commenced work on the final analysis.  

“Working with OCS has allowed us to report the results of our COVID-19 phase 2 main analysis on time. This would not be possible without the support of your team – thank you! Great work!”  – Jelena Mihajlovic, Clinical Project Manager, Immunic Therapeutics.  

The results of the final analysis of this trial are expected to be available in the 2nd quarter of 2021.  
PHUSE SDE season is upon us again  

With 2021 well underway – Q1 zipped by in no-time, didn’t it? – it’s about time to start looking at PHUSE Single Day Events again. For those who aren’t familiar with SDEs: one day, one theme, one audience and loads of excellent presentations. Traditionally held at locations around the world, now virtual from the comfort of your home office.  
4 May 2021 – EMEA Spring SDE     

In less than a month’s time, on May 4th, we will see the first SDE of the year, themed “Code Control to Major Tom”. This SDE will discuss smart and sustainable solutions to manage rather contradicting requirements in our daily business.    OCS Life Sciences will contribute to this event with a presentation. Caro Sluijter will present her talk “Macro version management done right in SAS LSAF (and other SAS environments)”. Read her abstract on our website. 23 September 2021 – EMEA Autumn SDE – Call for abstracts open until Friday 16 April!    Organised and hosted by Paul Vervuren of Danone Nutricia Research and Jules van der Zalm of OCS Life Sciences, the theme of this event is “Multilingualism in Data Science”, subtitled “What’s Your Second Programming Language?”. The PHUSE website provides a detailed description behind this theme.    Everyone is invited to submit a 150 word abstract, describing a relevant case on your programming language of choice. Different types of presentations are welcomed: from in-depth/technical to high-level/strategic, from learning to application.   Read more about the call for papers on the PHUSE website
Project case: Clinical Nutrition Data Warehouse  

One of our clients specialises in research and development of nutritional products. Throughout decades of research, a vast amount of data has been acquired for numerous studies. Within each study, data was collected with the purpose of answering specific research questions. Some study aspects, such as study product, study population, overlap with others.
In 2016 OCS Life Sciences was commissioned to build a data warehouse from numerous nutrition studies. In 2020 the OCS project team was pleased to deliver the complete data warehouse, containing data of nearly 7.500 subjects and covering 23 SDTM domains. The client now successfully uses the data warehouse to perform new analyses and to answer new research questions.   Read the full article here.    

The virtual CDISC 2021 Europe Interchange will be held over two and a half days, 28–30 April  

This year, the Europe Interchange and CDISC TechniCon will be combined into a single event,
and attendees that register for the Europe Interchange will gain access to the TechniCon. Get two conferences for the price of one!
Of course, OCS Life Sciences has a booth and we invite you to visit us. We’d be more than happy to have an informal chat about your CDISC needs. We can help you with the conversion of clinical data to SDTM and ADaM, take on your TLF creation, support you in statistics and much more. We would also love to show you our smart solutions, such as
Mapping Engine – a zero client footprint solution built specifically to make data conversion faster, easier, and cheaper.
Planned or not, we hope to meet you at our booth! Oh by the way, there’s also a chance to win a prize! Curious to know what you can win? Just visit our booth and find out!  
    My name is Anton Burger and I am a senior statistical programmer at OCS Life Sciences. I completed my Bachelor of Administration at the University of the Free State in South Africa on 2001. I soon after started my career at Quintiles, as a SAS programmer. I have always had a fondness for anything computer, technology and data related. Over the years I have worked for a number of international contract research organisations with exposure to both biostatistics and IT departments.    I also have about 7 years exposure to the retail and credit industries while working for a large national retail company. There I was, amongst others things, responsible for creating a customer data warehouse spanning across multiple subsidiaries within the company, with a view on about 20 million identifiable customers. During this multi-year project, I developed my skillset even further. Taking the data on a journey from where it was generated by diverse systems and processes, working with the IT team in translating the requirements into a usable warehouse, right through to where we presented information to different levels of business users based on the data.     I am looking forward to contribute to the success of OCS Life Sciences and to grow and learn from fellow colleagues.  Want to see his profile? Click here.