Project Case - Mapping Engine Pilot

Following a presentation by OCS Life Sciences’ consultant Lieke Gijsbers and Jasmine Kestemont at the PHUSE EMEA Bitesize event, in which OCS Life Sciences’ Mapping Engine solution was briefly shown, Novo Nordisk - a global pharmaceutical company - reached out to OCS to inquire about the Mapping Engine.

Mapping Engine is a solution developed by OCS Life Sciences that aids in the creation of SDTM datasets. It translates mapping specifications into SDTM datasets without any further programming, which makes the conversion faster, easier and cheaper. It’s highly customisable and extensible, and has proven its worth in hundreds of clinical trials in major pharmaceutical companies.
Following an extensive demonstration of the Mapping Engine, Novo Nordisk expressed further interest and a pilot project - with the aim for the pharmaceutical company to verify whether the Mapping Engine is a viable solution for their future data conversion work - was initiated. Within this pilot project, Novo Nordisk staff performed the data conversion for a selected number of SDTM datasets by completing the mapping specification document, which is the only input (besides the source datasets) the Mapping Engine requires. Our consultant Lieke Gijsbers supported the staff with the data conversion and provided best practices regarding the completion of the mapping specification document. This pilot project was recently and successfully completed and is currently being evaluated by the Novo Nordisk. Hopefully to be continued soon!

“This pilot project has given us valuable insight in the usage of the Mapping Engine for the conversion of clinical data. It has shown to be a solution that is highly flexible and easy to learn and use.” – Anja Lundgreen, Principal Standards Specialist, Novo Nordisk.

Does this catch your interest and would you like to get a taste of how Mapping Engine performs with your data? We are happy to get in touch and to provide you with a very attractive offer to run a small pilot project.