PHUSE SDE 2020 - Beerse, Belgium

Rajashree Yellur (MSc) & Mariska Burger (BSc)
"Managing expectations in the life sciences industry: finding the balance"

Expectations are the belief that we have regarding the certainty of something occurring or happening. Expectations also describe an action that is supposed or expected to happen. Each one of us faces some sort of expectations either personally from yourself, friends and family or professionally from clients, managers and team members.
Meeting all these expectations and finding a balance between realistic and unrealistic expectations can be a daunting task. Expectations can either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block. It can drive you to achieve more, perform better and work smarter or it can be a huge frustration and lead to poor performance, stress, anxiety and lower confidence.
In the life sciences industry managing expectations becomes increasingly important as the pressure to produce high quality output within shorter timelines increases. In this presentation we will explore ways to manage expectations from clients, managers, team members and colleagues, as well as your own expectations. We will share some examples from our own personal experience and some tips on how to find the balance so that expectations will act as stepping stones to perform at a higher level and to become a better you.

Mariska Burger (BSc)
"Assessing the impact of governmental interventions on global mobility"

COVID-19 has a huge impact on our world with regard to health care as well as the economy. The effects of governmental interventions on the mobility of the world population are considerable and can be visualised using freely available mobility data of Google and Apple.
The number and kind of interventions vary from country to country as does the extent to which they have an effect on the reduction in mobility. A strong reduction in mobility is believed to have a positive effect in the reduction of COVID-19. This is also illustrated by the new outbreaks in the US and South America after an early release of restrictions.Our presentation will show the techniques used and results of analysing the global mobility data of Apple and Google by country including the speed and magnitude of the effect of these interventions. It includes data manipulation techniques, data analysing techniques and methods to substantiate the results.