Newsletter January 2024

The topics for this newsletter are:

  • Managed Services – Designed to Ease Your Load
  • Are you confident about the quality of your submission package?
  • ACDM 2024 Copenhagen
  • PHUSE SDE Netherlands on the 30th of May 2024

  • Managed Services – Designed to Ease Your Load

    Our primary goal is to provide a cost-effective technical support service tailored to the unique needs of your SAS environment within your organisation. The subscription-based model ensures you get precisely what you need without straining your budget — ideal for businesses with limited in-house resources.

    With our dedicated team of experts, we seamlessly integrate as an extension of your operations, ensuring the smooth running of your SAS environment. If desired, we can go beyond that and help you unlock the full potential of your SAS environment.

    The pillars our Managed Services rests on are stability, continuity, safety, performance, and quality. Here's what sets us apart:

    • Prompt Remote Support: Swiftly resolving issues from a distance.
    • Proactive Maintenance: Preventing issues through impact analysis and the application of patches or hotfixes.
    • Single Point of Contact (SPoC): Acting as your liaison with SAS Institute on your behalf.
    • Exceeding Expectations: Striving to beat agreed response and resolution times.
    • On-site Visits: Periodic face to face meetings to comprehensively understand your IT architecture and requirements to optimise support.

    Entrust us with the management of your SAS environment and experience the comfort of a service designed for optimal efficiency and success.

    Are you intested in our services and want to know more? Please get in touch with our colleague Kenneth Blokland.

    Are you confident about the quality of your submission package?

    Submitting your clinical trial to the regulatory authorities is exciting. Nerve-racking exciting, whether it's your first or your tenth submission. You know you will receive tons of questions and ad-hoc requests for additional analyses but you should not risk delays as a result of inadequate quality of your submission package.

    Did you set that zoom level inheritance right for all pages of your annotated CRF? Is each and every one of those hundreds of items in your Define-XML correct?  Is every discrepancy in CDISC compliance adequately documented in the Reviewer’s Guide and does that use the correct template? What was it again with those XPT-files?

    These are just a few out of tens, perhaps over a hundred questions you could (and should) ask yourself while you prepare that submission package. We call this submission readiness.

    If this has you worried even the slightest bit, or you feel that you don’t have your submission readiness fully under control, you should definitely ask us for help. Our team has been there before, has this down to a science, and will get your submission package ready in as little as two weeks.

    ACDM 2024 Copenhagen

    From 3 to 5 March a team from OCS Life Sciences will attend ACDM24. This promises to be the largest clinical data management conference in Europe! Our consultant Kai Wanke will present at this event. Kai will talk about Mapping Engine – OCS’ bespoke and customisable solution to do 100% metadata driven SDTM conversion which we offer in SAS, R, and Python. Melanie Schopp and Jules van der Zalm will be there to man the booth at the exhibition! Would be a great opportunity to meet so if you’ll be there, send us a message on LinkedIn!

    PHUSE SDE Netherlands on the 30th of May 2024 

    If you can’t wait until November to attend another PHUSE EU Connect, then we have great news to share. Mark Thursday the 30th of May in your calendars for the annual PHUSE SDE (Single Day Event) in the Netherlands! As in previous years this event will be held at Danone Nutricia Research Center in Utrecht. The theme of this event is “AI and ML in Life Sciences and Healthcare”. If you’re interested to join, present, or perhaps sponsor, please do contact Jules van der Zalm of OCS Life Sciences. This event is free to attend.

    The SDE is part of a series of European and global events. If you’re looking for one that is more local to you, visit the PHUSE website.