Our biostatisticians have a desire for quality and implement the best approach to ensure correct analysis without an over complex process. We take a personalised approach dependent on our clients needs which forms lasting partnerships and enables our experts to transfer their knowledge on to our customers.

Our Biostatistics Services include:
  • Protocol Input – our input includes clinical study design, sample size calculations and consultancy.
  • Randomization/Unblinding.
  • Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) and Mock Shells.
  • Output Production – using our standard macros within the SAS ® Programming system ensures increased efficiency when producing outputs.
  • Production of Statistical Report/Clinical Study Report.
  • Interim Analysis/Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) – we offer unblinded statistical support and advice for Interim Analyses and DSMBs.
  • Non/Pre-Clinical Studies – we provide support and advice for pre-clinical studies to ensure the study objective is being fulfilled.
  • ISS/ISE - we provide support for the integration of safety and efficacy data prior to regulatory approval.