What is SAS Life Science Analytics Framework?

SAS Life Science Analytics Framework (LSAF) renders a single, integrated program envi­ronment that delivers three key efficien­cies: it provides a repository optimised for data standardisation; eases the burden of project management through workflow enablement; and streamlines the manage­ment of compliance and transparency – all from the world leader in clinical data analysis and reporting.  

The availability of analytic modules within the framework opens the power of analytics to a wider audience of knowledge workers within the organisation – so that statistical expertise is no longer required for most clinical researchers to derive business benefits from analytics.

SAS is the de facto standard for clinical trials data analysis and reporting for new product submissions to regulatory authorities, such as the US Federal Drug Administration. With SAS Life Science Analytics Framework, SAS delivers a foundation for building one integrated source of clinical data and metadata from various data sources and departments where clinical researchers can instantly query or analyse data. SAS Life Science Analytics Framework integrates both information management and analytics in a single solution while seamlessly integrating with the SAS program development and execution environment, complete with CDISC global standards, study metadata management and workflow capabilities. It is by far the most comprehensive framework available that provides the proper balance between user efficiency and regulatory compliance. To support the total data movement, analysis and reporting process − including CDISC standards, information management and analytics − it offers proven scalability. This complexity is delivered through a user-friendly interface, so that all stakeholders in the organization can delve into analytics and reporting with ease and expedience − increasing the value and return on your investment  

So, why SAS Life Science Analytics Framework?
  • SAS Life Science Analytics Framework solution has been on the Market for +18 years. 
  • It is a fully hosted SaaS GxP solution.
  • SAS has currently +30 pharmaceutical companies, and 8 of 10 of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies, running the solution out of the SAS data centre in the US.
  • End-to-End Analytics platform
  • Secure, centralized content repository
  • Integrated SAS development & execution environment
  • Job management & scheduling
  • Auditing and traceability
  • Process flow and task management
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Study and data standards management
  • Openness to other languages (E.g. R, Python, …)